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I just sent a message to Matt (five-by-five; the mod that runs the forum photo contests) requesting usage of some of my 'forum bucks' (photo contest prize money that can be used to purchase things from forum vendors) to purchase some items from ToyTec.

Getting the forum owners/managers (not the mods) to transfer 'forum bucks' to vendors seems to have taken quite a long time for others in the recent past. Hopefully they have streamlined the process by now though :cheers:

I ordered the following...
Smittybilt tire deflators
ARB 17,000 lb snatch strap
CO2 tank kit

I will be picking these things up locally. So, at least I won't have to wait for shipping :bigthumb:

Thanks to Doug and Dillon at ToyTec. :clap:
Hopefully I'll be dropping by soon to pick this stuff up, and be able to use it out on a snow run in the near future.

UPDATE (20110608):
The folks behind the forum finally came through. Four months later, but it's good to go now. They paid ToyTec with my forum bucks, and I picked up the items listed above last week. :clap: Thank you, :cheers:
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