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FREE - upper/lower OEM rear links and stock gas tank skid plate

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FREE, but you have to come get it. I will not ship them so don't ask.

I have a set of upper and lower rear links and the stock gas tank skid plate that I am throwing in the dumpster on Friday, June 6th. The links are in good condition with some rock rash. The gas tank skid in a good condition, but I did cut the front of it to make it work with my Inchworm crawler.

PM me if you want to come get this stuff or it will get recycled on Friday. Items are located in San Jose, CA.
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I would love the rear links, to bad I'm in OH!
I think the links should be donated to Fjoel for R/D.
I'd love them for spares. Any chance you are bringing them to Ouray? IF so DIBS!!! :bigthumb:
Sorry guys they are destined to be recycled on Friday unless someone comes and saves them.... :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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