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I've been working with Ray from PureFJCruiser on this for our local club since January 8th, and now our event has gone live.

So I wanted to be sure to share with everybody else what Ray did for our Colorado club, since it will undoubtedly help some of the rest of you maintain your FJ's.

Pure FJ Driveline Fluid Change Kit [PFJC-DRIVETRAIN-LUBE] - $64.00 : Pure FJ Cruiser Accessories, Parts and Accessories for your Toyota FJ Cruiser

The dealerships charge $240-300 to do this entire service ($80 each when I priced it at Boulder Toyota), buying the parts and doing it yourself can be done for $70-110. If you're lifted, odds are you won't even have to raise your truck to do it. It takes 60-90 minutes, the only down-side is that the oil pumps can be a little messy.

Both diffs and the transfer case take 75W90 gear oil, 2007-2009 trucks take 7 quarts (so close to 6 that you might as well buy 7) to do the entire service, 2010+ trucks take 6 quarts (5.1-5.4 so don't waste any).

PureFJCruiser's link above provides a single place to order everything (fluid, drain plug gaskets), with a choice of fluid brand at several price points. Doing this yourself you will also need some kind of manual fluid pump and a 10mm hex socket for the front differential drain plug.

Thanks again to @PureFJCruiser for helping to make our Colorado fluid swap mod day a success! I hope many of the rest of the larger forum members are able to take advantage of this as well.
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