While driving on a curvy road at night, my passenger front tire ran off the blacktop. When I pulled it back on (at highway speeds) the blacktop drop-off was a few inches so it faced some resistance and (pictured) occurred.

I bought the FJ with a Rough Country 3” lift already installed (springs and shocks replaced in back and spacer up front). Since I’ll have to replace the front suspension, I was considering going with a true 3” coilover/lift (not a spacer). Given that the brand won’t match the back lift (Rough Country) I was thinking that getting an adjustable front lift would be necessary/preferable to make sure everything sits correctly. That being said, I’m about to begin law school, so finances are a bit tight right now (hence the looking here instead of/before purchasing new).

So looking for:
Option 1: 3” front lift (adjustable)
Option 2: 3” front lift (non-adjustable)
Option 3: any front suspension components (lift or not) to build a front setup requiring me to reuse or not reuse the rough country spacers up front.

THE FJ IS A 2012 4WD, for fitment information.

Thanks again for any help!