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$150+$5PAYPAL+shipping (11 LBS)
Found this second sleeping bag kit that I thought my son had wanted.
This is a great 3-pc system. Talk about super-warm. Pre-tested by U.S. troops in the arctic regions. Two inner Bags snap together for top protection (patrol bag inside the mummy bag). Condition is great, not abused, no tears.... a 9 out of 10.


The only difference in this ECW Sleeping system is the GORE-TEX® breathable / waterproof Bivy Bag. This ivy bag is solid green and opens at the top only. I liked this one better than the camo/zipper one since it was solid gor-tex with no openings. Patrol Sleeping Bag is mummy style, rated 30-50°F, use with Bivy Bag in cold / wet conditions. Polargard® HV resin bonded polyester fill, rip-stop nylon shell, adjustable hood, nylon zipper. 92 x 36" wide, weighs 3 lbs., Olive Drab
Intermediate Mummy Sleeping Bag is rated +30 to -10°F, can use with Bivy Bag or insert in Patrol Bag Ripstop nylon shell, Polargard® HV resin bonded polyester, hood, 85 x 35 1/2" wide. Weighs 4 lbs., Black.


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