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FS: Lucrum Winch Mount w/ Lightbar

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AND!AND!AND! Good luck selling your gear! :lol:
I'd buy it, but I dont need it, nor do I like you.

Someone please buy this, this guy keeps all of his stuff shiny (lots of spit shine on it for sure) as he respects his gear (cept when he follows me.)

Good buy and a bump
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Feel the love Dom. Buy Dom's Winch Mount!
Dude! seriously, did you just get a new job or rob a bank? I can't wait to see what you are going to do to your FJ now. VDB Transformer. You shouldn't have a problem selling the mount and light bar. Nice price.
Dom, i would have bought it......but then youd have to pay me to get it off my know how I m:rocker:

any ways, great item & guys, its true, Dom's gear is super clean:)

For $900 I'll throw in the used Warn M8000 with no line and no fairlead.
Hey Dom, how much do you want to sell me the line and fairlead for? :D
You didnt get my PM???

hmm.. dont know what happened, will send another :)
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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