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For sale is a Toyota OEM Navi/GPS unit model E7003. A bit more description can be found under ebay as item 140495771684.
I'm the one who won the item, and have wanted to install one since purchasing my FJ in spring of '08. I'm not looking to loose any features, such as the sub or AUX, and am comfortable with the Garmin I currently use.
I don't want to project to sit there for some time, while someone else can benefit of having it installed.
As I said, I'm the one who won the item, so you can clearly see what I paid, $274.52. I'm not looking to make money on this, so first one to reply is the one to receive.
The unit should arrive within the next day or two, and I will just turn around and ship it out.
Please look at the item description in the auction for details. I have been on the forum for a bit, just never post, so there are a lot of experts here that may be willing to assist.
Feel free to contact me directly, [email protected]
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