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Fuel Consumption

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I need a little info was looking to buy a TRD Tacoma
but I seen a TT FJ at the dealership and fell in love with it very close to buying it but I was wondering what kinda of gas milage are owners getting with the more aggressive tires etc of the TT edition I am hearing a mixed bag regarding the standard FJ.

Thanks For the help
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it is all about the way you drive ,, it can be good or bad but remember it is a 3800 pound SUV and it is 4x4 ,, you will get has good milage as a mini van

Welcome aboard.

4wd to 4wd the Taco gets just about the same mpg, depends on manual vs auto. The manual gets 10% worse mileage but better 4wd set up. I had all intentions of buying another Taco extended cab when I drove the FJ. Suits me better but if you're fretting mpg maybe this isn't the vehicle for you as the 4000cc drinks the gas (15-20). Have you looked at the 4wd 2700cc Taco? Much better mpg and good umph.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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