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After owning my fj for just over 3 years and now that it is practically paid off I finally decided to start putting some real time and money into her. I decided I minus well make a build thread just to share and track my progress.
So here she is when I bought her

An 07 6 speed manual completely stock with 155k and one owner.
Here is how she sits now

Current mods:
Trailworx front bumper
Dobinson IMS front shocks
JBA upper control arms
Long travel Dobinson springs
Long travel Radflo 2.5 shocks with resi
315/70r17 Falkon Wildpeaks on Gear Offroad Black hawk wheels

Has soon has I got my FJ I started looking and researching mods that I wanted to do and started saving money. Once I got a solid enough saved up my buddy convinced me into getting a motorcycle instead of upgrading so the Fuji got put on the back burner for a while. I still had plenty of fun with her while she was stock taking it on logging roads by my cabin and playing in the snow.

Then one fall day I was on my way to go duck hunting in the morning and SMACK ran into a deer. Not much damage just to the front bumper and a dent on my fender from the deers butt.

I saw it has a free bumper upgrade so I went and got an estaminet from the insurance company and hit up Dave from Trailworx and he started working on my bumper. I know that the 4.0 isn’t the most powerful engine so weight was always taken into consideration for new mods. So I didn’t want a super heavy bumper so I went with the 3 hoop hybrid bumper.

Then after saving up a bunch of money I was finally ready to give her a fresh suspension to sit on plus my company was shutting down for 2 weeks because of corona so I would have the time to work on it.

Initially I when I got my fj I wanted to get a Toytec 3in lift but after doing more research I and reading how a lot of people upgrade down the road I wanted something a little better so I’d only need to buy once, so then I was thinking Icon. But after reading how they frequently needed to be rebuilt and how the customer service was declining I decided against it. Even though I never heard of Dobinson when first researching, I’ve heard a lot of people being really pleased with them recently so I decided I’d give them a chance. I went with the IMS because I wanted them to be rebuildable and didn’t think that I need to go as far as the MRRs.

But I wanted the long travel rear which is currently unavailable in the US in the IMS, but after talking to Brennan at Apache Off-road he informed me that Radflo was going to start making shocks for the Dobinson long travel springs. (Which are 3in longer than the metal tech LT) So that was the move, originally I was just going to get the 2.5 with no resi but they had some issues with the design and needed to add the resi so I got upgraded for free!!

I did not have that many issues installing my lift, the only two main issues I had was my lower control arm cam bolts were seized and had to be cut out which was a pain in the @$$. And when installing my extended brake lines for the LT the upper joints where the solid brake lines along the frame meet up with the rubber ones that go to the axel were also froze so I had to cut and re-flare the brake lines

Here is the pic once I finally got it all back together

And after it’s alignment

Then it was time to take her up to my cabin to test out my new suspension and of course due to poor decision making and peer pressure I got stuck the same day I got her back on the road

I was able to get out on my own power though and with the help of some down trees lmao. But I did find an area to get some little flex pics

Once I got home and got her all cleaned up it was time for the BMC so I can fit my new shoes on

And this is how she sits today. I am currently waiting for my all pro sliders and Rocichet aluminum sliders to get delivered next week. And I put in an order for RESZ Fab upper and lower links and panhard bar in around memorial day but I know they don’t have the best lead times so I just hope they get here by winter.

And now me and my friends are planning a road trip from Wisconsin to Colorado to do the Alpine loop and maybe hit some other trails while we are out there the week after the 4th.

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Great when people talk through the process of how they decided what they picked, really helps! Terrific job, would love to see how the deer would have fared after all the mods.

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