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Gas pumps shut off prematurely

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At almost any gas station I use, the pump shuts off when the tank is about 3/4 full. Restarting the pump gets another gallon or two. A couple of cycles and the tank is actually full. Obviously not a showstopper, but pretty annoying. This is a fairly recent development, but not tied to any work on the vehicle. Any ideas about what's going on and how to fix this?
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My FJ has always had this problem. I usually have to set the fill nozzle on the slowest fill rate setting. If I don't most gas pumps will shut off within just a few seconds of starting the fuel flow, irrespective of how full/empty the tank is. It has to be something in the way the fuel fill neck is set up that does not allow for a normal flow rate of fuel into the tank. It's one of the only up-sides to the dinky fuel tank. It doesn't take long to fill even at a low flow rate.
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