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Gas pumps shut off prematurely

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At almost any gas station I use, the pump shuts off when the tank is about 3/4 full. Restarting the pump gets another gallon or two. A couple of cycles and the tank is actually full. Obviously not a showstopper, but pretty annoying. This is a fairly recent development, but not tied to any work on the vehicle. Any ideas about what's going on and how to fix this?
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Yes, pretty common. Please don't try and end up overfilling the tank. As said, can screw up the cannister. Also I tried it once, I kept trying to force fill the tank and ended up with the fuel float in the tank sticking on full. Got lucky, bouncing around on the trail freed it up. Never overfilled it again. '13.

Not just a FJ thing, our RAV4 does the same.

Oregon doesn't let us fill our own vehicles (except at stations out in the country). Costco is the worst offender, they fill at the maximum speed. Setting at a slower speed will get a little more in the tank.
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First, I don't know the fuel system in our FJ's. A friend with a late model 1/2 ton dodge. The fuel tank has a built in flapper/check valve. Not replaceable so he had to replace the whole tank due to very slow filling. Any 'flappers' in the filler neck our FJ's that could stick or partially open?
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