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Wondered the same, saw some on eBay for $289 a set. That's over $215 cheaper than Bushwacker. The prices they charge are crazy for ABS plastic, fake bolts and rubber trim. I bought a set years ago for an old bronco that you actually has to cut and drill that where only $240 from Bushwacker. I think they are playing off popularity now. I bet they have $60 in a set of these "stick on flares". My wife's Jeep JK set came with metal brackets and actual stainless bolts to hold them on and they are somehow the same price as our stick-ons.

I'd like to know if anyone has run these ebay off-brands yet also.
We have the cut ones on our '74, '75, '76, '77 and early Broncos. They're fiberglass though originally put on in the 70's and 80's. Old school.
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