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Anyone running Geolander MT Plus? Need opinions. I've ran BFG's, Open Country and Hankook MT's in the past, on Jeeps. All were good (Particularly the Toyos), but I'm looking to try something new. It's a daily driver and weekend off road
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I had them on a tacoma and they ride and wear very good just rotate them, little humming on rough roads
I have the geolandar A/t-s. They're real good in snow. Was doing just as well as jeeps on 33 Mud terrains and lifts this one wheeling trip.
I know this might not help, but I have Geolanders AT IIs.... They have been good, got stuck twice with them. But I would buy them again!!
I've got 265/70/17 Yok AT +IIs as well on my 4th gen 4Runner. Getting close to 50K miles on them. If they came in 285/70/17, I'd buy them again.

Never tried the MTs though...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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