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re: gericurl's "Trail Bomber" Build

The door handle install video is awesome, thanks from a fellow FJ owner that appreciates visual instructions.
Exterior/Armor Modifications

Jan 5, 2008
Installed the Tundra CrewMax black door handles. Thanks to NDA431FJ for posting the idea http://, and sealevel for the 1-9 written steps to complete this (post #104 in the same thread)

Installed an OEM roof rack a few weeks ago. I haven't had time to upload/edit the footy. It may never happen, we were in a dark garage and in a hurry so I don't think the vid would be very informative.

Installed OEM tow hitch. (No video. Too cold. No time) This was very easy. Also when I was re-installing the screws with the rubber washers in the top of the bumper fascia (under rear door) I over-torqued and broke the middle one off. I will have to easy-out it and see if I can get another one. I probably don't need it as I plan on a replacement rear bumper in the future, but that won't be for a couple of years unless something big happens money-wise. A big shout out to RuneRider for emailing me the install guide on this one. I looked and looked and couldn't find it.

Rock Rails: I'm liking the Trailgears for the price and the step functionality. I've gotta double check my mustard needs here. :)
I might get ambitious though and fab up my own.

Skids: I need to research my options.

As far as bumpers, for the front:

I love the looks of the Road Armor with the titan guard. What I hate is the price, the weight of the beast, and my local off-road shop says that they've had nothing but nightmares trying to get bumpers from them. I've been looking more seriously at some others. (don't love the pre-runner style, it looks too madmaxx for me). My requirements would be as follows: Better approach angle over stock (duh!). I would like integrated D-rings and fog lights. Winch mount. There is some talk on the bumper comparison thread as to the claims of airbag compatibility from mfgs. If I understand the airbag mechanism correctly it is not the front impact that ignites the airbag, but rather abrupt forward deceleration. Please chime in on this if you know better than I do. I don't see the point of making the safety gear on my truck inoperable, I would no sooner sacrifice my airbags for a front bumper, than I would sacrifice my seat belts for uber-cool heated leather seats with dvd players in the headrests. I don't love weighing my FJ down, but I am adding the Heavy OME lift up front so I am expecting to put some weight up there. I also like the fab fours bumber but the brush guard needs a new look.

For the rear my requirements are as follows: I want a bumper that has d-rings, integrated hitch or OEM hitch access, and accommodates existing rear backup sensors (don't want to waste them). I haven't seen an aftermarket bumper that gives worse angles than stock so that is not a major concern. Any thing else it may have would just be a bonus. (again, I'm not excited by the prerunner tube-style bumpers). Also want to add some Jerry cans next to the spare.

I don't care about finishes, I can powdercoat to my own tastes.
Also I'm sure I could get some D-rings added to most bumpers if it didn't come with them.

There will be a light-rack of some sort (I'm really liking the new lucrum one on Air2air's truck, a little pricey but wow!)
And I'll probably fab up some sort of modular basket/snowboard rack/recovery tool hanger thingy
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