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The fresh palette. I brought her home from Larry H. Miller Toyota Oct 2007.
A-Trac, Locker, TRD exhaust,

My first mod was the can of diet coke my wife left in the console that froze and exploded.

My first REAL mod was the all-weather rubber floor mats my wife gave me for christmas.

Next I put a wrench to my truck for the first time. Black tundra door handles.
and I made a video:
Door Handle Swap

Then I installed the newly released (in '08) side sun visors. And guess what... I made another video:
Sun Visor addition

Then came the OEM roof rack. (so far I haven't needed more)

Next I painted the bezel white. White roof - white bezel just like the old 40's (that didn't have a chrome bezel)
and an Old Man Emu lift (Heavy heavies up front, mediums in the back)

Got in on a group buy for the Manik tail light guards

Bought some Geri cans from Expedition one
and Added a "rack enhancer" to carry a shovel, axe, and highlift

Then at the '08 summit I added a Trail Teams badge and summit badge to my grille (Badges are under there somewhere :shock: )

Then I added an Expedition one bumper. I bought it raw with no hoops. The WyoOtto style had barely come out and I loved it but I wanted thicker hoops so I had a buddy fab them up.


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re: gericurl's

I'll get some pictures and go into more detail on all this other crap.

Cheap 4" Vision X lights in the bumper (the glass already broke in one, looking to replace them with some PIAA 510's)

12,000 lb Viper winch (thanks Stan @ ToyOutfitters)

PIAA 520 Crystal Ion Fogs with modified bumper mount (Thanks Brad/Ricochet)

Ricochet LCA skids (Thanks Brad/Ricochet)
Ricochet Engine Skid (Thanks Brad/Ricochet)
Ricochet Filler Skid (Thanks Brad/Ricochet)

Missile Switch Panel (Thanks Brad/Ricochet)

RAM iPhone mount

General Grabber Red Letters 33"-12.5"-17" (Thanks Discount Tire)

Painted wheels graphite now painted bronze

Demello Hybrid Sliders (Thanks Jason)

Expedition One Removable hitch system (Thanks James & Sarah)

M-Pac rear storage rack (Thanks Doc)

Painted interior trim graphite

Painted Mirrors black

Cobra CB - Firestick - Radioshack PA

Aluminum Brad-ee mount (Thanks Brad/Ricochet)

Rear Unobtanium lower links (Thanks Brad/Ricochet)

Aluminum Air Dam - Under the mud (Thanks Brad/Ricochet)

Camburg 1.25" Uniball Upper A-Arms

Chopped Body mount

Dual Hella Horns (in addition to stock horn)
Wired them both to the secondary horn relay location

Autozone LED dome light (very bright, but doesn't fit as snugly as it could)

K&N Engine air filter

Painted rear trim and wings black

Painted Toyota emblem white

Stripped powder coat and coated bumper, tail light guards and sliders in Por-15.
(My nephew learning to grind)

To come
Blue Sea fuse block (sitting in my garage)
A-10 shifter knob (fabbing connecter now)
Utah Cruisers Badge
A few stickers
Rock lights with Ricochet mounts
Roof lights (not sure what to do here yet)
I'm dreaming about a Long Travel Camburg Suspension (maybe in a few years right?)
Maybe some Bushwackers (you guys that have them make me jealous)
Rear bumper with swingout (I worry about the weight on the door of the bigger tire)
Next tires - maybe go up to 35's ???
New Wheels???
Camera system (at least a backup)
I think I'd like tube doors too?
CO-2 setup.
De-badge and paint "FJ" logo black.

I add stuff slowly but it sure adds up when you list it out like this.

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re: gericurl's "Trail Bomber" Build

I'll post any mistake vids, even if just for a good laugh.

Although I think it would be hard to mess up with all the online support I get here.

As soon as I can afford new tires I will be making my next documentary "Old Man Emu - from down under to down under". (that joke sucked)

(I still owe you a decal by the way. I haven't forgotten)
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