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Hey all! :wave: Just wanted to encourage those who visit the forum whether it be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to check out certain key areas of the forum and contribute! There are lots of great ways to be a simple participator on the forums even if you feel like you have no technical FJ knowledge or advice concerning specific mods or other areas of interest.

So here is a list of the top 10 things I can think of that you can do to be a FJ Cruiser Forums contributor and get the most out of each visit! Whether this is day one of you being on the forum or you've been here for years, don't forget to try doing some of these! Be involved and keep our wonderful forum great!

1. What did you do WITH your FJ today?

Most of you guys are probably familiar with this thread. It is in the General Discussion section of the forum and is a great place to post updates and photos if you recently got to do something WITH your FJ! Saw another sweet FJ? Post it! Went on a trail run? Share it! Took a road trip to somewhere cool? Tell us! Basically the best place to tell and show others what you're up to!

2. What did you do TO your FJ today?

This is another popular thread in the General Discussion section of the forum which is an excellent place to post things if you have recently done something TO your FJ. Whether you just installed a new bumper or lift, or had an oil change done, post it up! Tell us your experience! And as always, share photos! As they say, "Pics or it didn't happen!" And if you took thorough photos of the experience and want to post up your own "how-to," go on ahead! Find the respective section of the forum relevant to that which you did, and share what you did step-by-step to help others down the road.

3. Introductions/Newbie Discussions

Every day we gain new members of the forum and some will take advantage of the Introduction section of the forum to tell us about themselves. Be sure to peruse through this section of the forum and give a warm welcome to those who join us! Make sure they feel acknowledged, tell them if you live in their area, and if they ask questions, either answer them in simple terms (don't use complicated acronyms or technical terms as they may not be familiar with them!) or kindly point them in the direction of which section of the forum they should visit. No rude comments like, "Use the search function," since they might not yet be familiar with how to best use that function!

4. Member/Rig of the Month

Every month we select and feature one of our wonderful, participating members of the forum in a special Member of the Month or Rig of the Month write-up. These articles are extremely interesting as they allow featured members to tell their story or share specific details about their FJs that we otherwise would never get to know! You can learn from their experiences and maybe get a good laugh from some of the stories they share. So even if you don't know those who are being recognized as the member or rig of the month, be sure to congratulate them! You may have more in common with others than you realize!

5. Monthly FJ Cruiser Poll Threads

We will try to have a new poll posted up each month in the poll section of the forum. But visit this from month to month and chime in on the questions posted. Anyone can participate and often times you can also elaborate within the thread.

6. Regional Forums

Here in the forums there are specific forum sections for different states and even specific regions within states (like Nor Cal and So Cal). So be sure to find your regional section and use it to find items for sale locally, organize meet ups and trail runs with fellow members, and more! You could even introduce yourself on there to other people in your area specifically.

7. Member Build Ups

This is a great place to look for ideas for your own FJ Cruiser or post a thread about your own build! Be sure to acknowledge members whose rigs are epically awesome and ask questions if you have them! You'll see things in builds you don't like and things you do. And if someone has a mod you're considering you could ask them their feelings on having it so you learn the pros and cons in their opinion. And if you do post up a build thread, be sure to include details about mods and have nice before and after shots. Those are always cool to see! But if anything else make sure you have your rig listed in your "Garage" here on the forums. We want to see your rig!

8. Picture/Media Post Threads

This is a section somewhat similar to the General Discussion section of the forum but if specific for sharing your photos and other media! There are several "Brotherhood/Sisterhood" threads for specific FJ Cruiser colors or models where you can post up photos of your rig . So if you had a Sandstorm colored FJ, for example, you could share some photos of your rig in "The Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the SANDSTORMS Thread" or something similar to that for other colors of FJs. There are also threads where you can post your YouTube videos, share photos of FJs and dogs, FJs in the snow, GoPro videos, and all sorts of other types of threads! So check it out!

9. Trail Report/PhotoSection/GPS Coordinates Section

This is a wonderful place to post up your own personal experiences with certain trails or see what others experiences have been with a trail before you attempt it yourself! If you take lots of photos when you run certain trails you could basically post up a guide for others so they can know what to expect. You can make suggestions for how well built rigs should be before attempting specific trails and if you have more specific details like GPS coordinates you can add to your guides then even better! In this section of the forum I have my own trips & adventures thread where I post all my photos from all the trail runs I do with others! That way you can keep documentation of everywhere I go and do!

10. Off-Topic Discussions

Had enough of FJ Cruisers for the day but don't want to deal with the garbage you see on standard social media? Well check out the Off Topic sections of the forum! You can join multiple discussions, conversations, and threads about any sort of random thing from politics to favorite TV shows to guns to even vehicles other than FJs! Go check it out! Some of the best forum discussions happen there!

Other notes: Photo Contests???

Though we haven't done a photo contest in quite some time maybe we will again soon! This is a great way to show off your skills with photography and possibly win either some sort of prize or simply recognition from others! Plus going back and seeing photos of past winners is neat since there have been some very neat photos taken over the years.

Well that's all I have to say guys! Hope this helps out newbies wondering what do do on here or older forum veterans who also are wondering the same thing. Feel free to comment in this thread other useful things you do to contribute to the forum or things specifically anyone can or should do when they visit!

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