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The one I'm looking at currently is a 2011 fj cruiser with 160,000 miles for 25,000. I have the carfax and the car has been serviced every 5k miles. Any tips or should I jump the gun and buy?
I bought a 2011 NSSE in May of 2021 for 27k. It had 150k on it. NO RUST. And engine burns no oil. It runs absolutely terrific and I have no regrets paying that price. It'll last at least another 150k.

Granted I spent a small fortune on it for mods to make it an offroad overlander.

And you won't find a new vehicle with a 4.0 naturally aspirated V6 like it with the exception of the 4runner. I'm personally not interested in unproven small turbos.

If the one you are looking at is clean, that is not a bad price. If you like it, go for it.

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