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Goofy Amazon Storage

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I was browsing Amazon for some storage solutions to clean up the backend of my FJ, and I came across this gem for $63.

Has anyone heard of LLKUANG before? Better yet, has anyone ever used one of these? I like the idea of utilizing the space across from the factory sub, but a deal isn't a deal if it's a total **** product. Thoughts?

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I have the same one, same brand! I generally like it since its customized to fit the left-hand side and looks very good/normal. It wouldn't sit correctly on the right-hand side since that one has a dip for a potential FJ subwoofer. But, I wouldn't say it is for heavy duty usage which is disappointing for the price. I say this because the loops that go over the FJ's hooks are rather weak looking and feeling, and the hot climate I live in caused the double-sided tape (for Velcro secure) to detach with the first tilt of the bag while taking a turn. I have a book and first aid kit in it along with other items. The first aid kit is solid steel. My opinion is that even with the contents they advertise it holding, the weight will cause the Velcro glue to detach. However, if you know how to reinforce the loops on it, I bet this thing will last forever. The two loops are its weakest spot. I got rid of the Velcro tape. Odd design where they could have ditched the Velcro and made the loops sturdier.
Zip tie?
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