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Jeff you have a couple of options (we'll be covering some of these in the July issue of FJC Magazine).
1) Buy the Garmin Topo maps, about $100, 100,000:1 resolution (not very good)
2) Download maps from this guy: Miscjunk
They work pretty well & have lots of POI's, but the contour lines aren't as pretty as I'd like, they get fairly choppy when you zoom in.
3) Next time I see you I can give you the custom set of maps I made using this site: Creating Custom Topo Maps for a Garmin GPS
They're VERY detailed, but they're not routable & the POI's leave a little to be desired. My 1gb (more or less) of maps covers the western 2/3 of CO & the eastern part of Utah (including Moab)

Hope this helps :)
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