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I just wanted to pass this on to all of you out there since I feel that when a dealer "Goes above and beyond" they should be recognized. The dealer I'm refering to is Camel 4X4 in New Jersey (Camel 4x4 and Outdoor for 4x4 Parts and Accessories) owned and operated by Eli Spiegler.
I recently orderd a Baja rack basket from Eli since his shipping was the most reasonable to my Pennsylvania location. To make a long story short the shipping company screwed up big time and was sending my rack to New York instead of Pa. and of course it got lost in the shuffle.
Eli went the extra mile finding where my rack was, getting it re-routed, and finally getting it delivered. What should have taken 2-3 days took two weeks. Eli remained in almost daily communication with me keeping me abreast of everything and apologizing for the shipping company's screw up. Now how many dealers think enough of your business to call you almost daily and to boot Eli insisted on refunding my shipping charges ($45.00) even though the error was the shipping company's and not his!
Camel 4X4 is a new growing company with a small online inventory but with a HUGE customer service.
Thanks, Eli, you've got a customer for life.

Danny Reever (Logansky)
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