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Well I finally got my Silver Fj with every option available!

To all the other NE Ohioans I really have to recommend Derek Roberts and Motorcars Toyota.

They didn't have the model I wanted in stock but I saw one on the way that piqued my interest. Pluncked down my $500 and was told to wait a week.

Well 1 week passed and nothing. Derek was on the ball though, he called every day after it was supposed to come in to give me an update and even gave me a new Camry to tool around in till it came in. Free of charge of course.

When it did come in the dealer sticker wasn't on the car (as I requested) and it was waxed and ready to roll.

In an age of move em out and sell em Derek took his time to investigate every little question I had and wasn't afraid to tell me he didn't know when he didn't have an answer. No bull, just straight talk. Sure I paid MSRP, but I expected that. Derek even took the time to look for new tires for me and sell them at cost with my tires in trade. I think he was as excited as I was when it actually came in- well maybe not...

Bottom line check out Derek if you want great service.
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