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Now is your chance to get in on a great product at a great price! The FJ Cruiser Rear Window Screen System allows you to leave your rear window open and is an excellent way to keep the bugs out and your pets in! No drilling required! Made to exact specifications for FJ Cruiser rear window. Comes with everything needed for install plus a handy carrying bag for when it's not in use. See more info here.

Installation Photos

The more folks that buy, the cheaper the price, so tell your friends!!

1-5 screens = $100 each
6-10 screens = $90 each
11-15 screens = $80 each
16-30+ screens = $75 each

Price does not include shipping.

Offer ended 9/29/2014. Thanks everyone!

Any questions, feel free to send me a PM!

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I'd be interested in knowing this as well.

Also, what kind of velcro is used? Does it have any long term effects to the plastic?
From Gunflint:
The hook and loop used is a vinyl base adhesive product from 3M designed for use on non-porous surfaces and in extreme temperatures. Our choice to use this product came after conversations with the engineers at 3M. There are no adverse effects from prolonged use, and we feel that after two years of testing we can say it is fully reversible.

Its also UV resistant and temperature rated for use from -40 to 150 Fahrenheit.

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I'm in for 1 screen.


I use front window screens all the time for sleeping in my truck but my makeshift solution for the back window hasn't been working well. This is just what I need!!!
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