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The 20th GSMTR

Start Date: May 16, 2011

End Date: May 22, 2011

Registration is now open. Upstate Cruisers GSMTR Registration

Golden Mountain, Sparta, TN

A little blurb about last years event.

TLCA : Toyota Trails, Sep/Oct 2010

This will be the 20th year of this event. This is the longest running Toyota event this side of the Mississippi.
This year will be a very big event. The event is capped at 200 this year and if you know you are not going to miss this then I would suggest registering early as it will fill up.

Lots of things planned this year. Atlanta Custom Creations and Iron Pig Off Road are handling the events this year. There will be a multitude of Toyota vendors on hand at this event.

A little background on the park and the trails.
28hrs, 4 states, 2 time zones, and a great time: GSMTR preliminary

A little FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What's this event all about?

It's about getting as many Toyota 4x4 enthusiast together and having a really good time. You need to look at this event like a vacation and not just another wheeling event. The event lasts from Monday to Sunday. We have a motto with Upstate Cruisers, "Something for Everyone". This means while every aspect of the event might not be right up your alley we will make sure there is more that is and more than you will ever be able to do. We have the entire park to ourselves. No outsiders allowed. You can do just about anything you want as long as it's within reason.

What did we learn from last years event?

We learned we have to pick up the trash more than twice at the event. We will probably do it 3 or 4 times during the event. We found out that hiring a fancy caterer was not a great idea and that while we might expect 200 people to eat it didn't happen. So this year we included 1 meal per driver. This way we can get a good account of who is eating. We also learned that having the band play on Sat night after the raffle was not a great idea. Everyone wants to get back to their campsite right after the raffle. This year we moved the band to Friday night and we will now have the dinner Sat night during the raffle so you don't have to cook and can already pack up you pots and pan.

What trails will be available for trail runs?

Everything. From very mild trails for beginners to very, very technical trails. There is also a dirt track, and a motocross track if you want to bring a dirt bike or 4 wheeler.

What's the price of GSMTR 2011? What does it include?

The price of registration is $65, plus a $10 daily trail use fee. Registration includes 1 dinner on Saturday night, 1 drivers raffle ticket and a couple GSMTR stickers.

Is the price of camping at Golden Mountain included in my registration fee?

Yes, There are many, campsites available. If we run out of the regular sites we will start using the secondary camp site in between the volley ball courts and the pond. There is plenty of room for every and we don't want to put you on top of people. All campsites will be with in a hundred yards of the men and women restrooms. And we are not talking about port-a-jons. Real bathrooms.

Do I have to pay extra for family and friends?

Only if they bring their own vehicle for the trails. Family and friends are welcome to the event. Just don't bring one vehicle and 20 of your friends.

Are there showers? Do I have to pay to use them?

Yes. There are 2 men and 2 women showers at the entrance to the park. The showers are free. You can use them as often as you like. We just ask that you cleanup after you use them.

Do I need to make my own camping reservations at Golden Mountain?

No, only if you want to use one of the RV sites or stay in one of the bunk house rooms. You will have to arrange that with the park.

Do I have to stay at Golden Mountain to participate in GSMTR?

No you can stay wherever you want. If you want to get a hotel room or condo in Sparta or the other cities that is fine with us.


If you have a question we haven't answered, send an email to
[email protected]

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