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2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Army Green
Automatic Transmission
103,750 miles (not increasing much - not a daily driver)
2nd Owner: Purchased from first owner 9/30/2014 bone stock with 77,718 miles
Asking Price: now $24,999 (was $29,999) as of 11/21/19
Location: Willoughby Hills, OH 44094
Clean title in hand
Reason for sale: purchasing a Tundra.

No expense was sparred along the way of building this capable rig. Over the years, we continually purchased new or replacement parts to modify this FJ to suit our needs. We really love the color green, and Toyota only opted to do a full paint job of green color in 2011 calling it the Trail Teams. It also comes with some extra Trail Teams badging. From what I have read, there are only about 2,000 of these made that year. Typically only 1-2 up for sale at any given time; it is a very unique vehicle. You can literally save yourself thousands of dollars and 100s of hours of research instead of buying stock and building one. We have experimented with many suspension setups and other parts over the years to finally get it where we love it. Full Excel list with retail prices is in a screen shot, PM me if you want the actual file (FB doesn’t allow files uploaded in marketplace items). Includes leftover inventory of our Build v2 patches (100+ qty). Here is some summaries:

Front End:
Up front in the suspension and driveline, we completely redid it last year, only 3000 miles ago. That included brand new premium brand products across the board. We went with Total Chaos stock length lower control arms, Icon 700# coilovers, and Icon upper control arms with delta joints. At this same time, we also swapped our spindles for a set that was gusseted. While everything was off, we decided to do new brake calipers, pads, and rotors too. The front end was re-done with a low miles clamshell. All new internal components and upgraded to 4.56 ratio with an ARB locker. We also changed out the OEM CV axles to the premium brand Lotus Axles.

Rear End:
In the rear suspension and driveline we have Metal Tech's Long Travel setup. This includes Icon 2.5" shocks with remote resi's along with their heavy-duty long travel springs. Because it was long travel, we also put in their extended brake lines and bump stops. When we re-geared to the 4.56 ratio last year, we pulled the axles for inspection. We replaced the axle/hub seals as well as calipers, pads and rotors. We installed offset poly bushing style lower and upper control arms.

We always craved having a unique setup for our FJC. We worked with RESZ fab to build a custom front bumper to stand out from the crowd. The bumper can house our most 10,000 lb winches, along with round fog lights in the wings. We also purchased RESZ sliders, which stick out to prevent potential rocker damage, and they act as a nice step too. Underneath we have a RCI steel skid to protect the engine. We also have skids for the shocks (FJ Toyman) and lower links (Trailworx). In the rear, we have the Expedition One steel bumper with led lights and an OEM hitch receiver.

We have tried many lights over the years. Our favorite by far has been Lifetime LED hi-output headlights and Baja Designs for everything else. Using Baja Designs products, we put their epic 50” light bar above the windshield. We also have 4 other leds mounts too (cowls and rear bumper). We use to have them installed in our Trail Toys NSA, but recently removed it. We have not yet decided upon if we wanted to do an sPod or a Switch-Pros. You can even wire them to the blank buttons inside the cab as well.

We purchased the top of the line Pioneer touch screen head unit. At the same time, we installed new speakers in the dash and front doors along with adding a amp for more audio control. Shortly after this, we soundproofed the entire vehicle, except above headliner. We also have a CB radio installed in front of the glove box.

We have the Baja Rack flat utility rack. Purchased about 3 years ago, we painted it and added a lot of clear coat and the coating is holding up very well.

There is too much other stuff to describe. Just take a look at the pictures and the giant Excel file of the entire build sheet. The above outlined the majority of the goodies. We have taken off a lot of products before putting it up for sale to be sold separately. If we still have any of these items at the time of your purchase, we will give you better pricing as well.

The Price:
We are asking $29,999 for it including everything mentioned here and in the Excel list. We figure that stock value is approx $24,500 if it were bone stock. If we sell it for the full asking price, that is a mere 22c on the dollar for all the mods and accessories. You're getting $26,043.50 of additional stuff on top of the FJ price, for only about 20 cents on the dollar. There is typically only 1-2 Army Green Trail teams for sale in the country at any given point, these do not come up often, especially all ready to go. We have the clean title in hand ready to sign it over to a new buyer to enjoy! We are not doing any “holds” or “reserves” unless you agree to a 10% non-refundable deposit via PayPal friends/family payment, then we will hold it for up to 7 days.

Willoughby Hills Ohio is located in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio. We are about 30 mins from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and about 60 mins from Akron-Canton Airport. We are willing to pick you up from the airport if you are traveling in to purchase. We are also willing to help in any way if you are wanting the vehicle shipped across the country.

What else does it need?!
-You need to purchase some kind of electronics controller such as sPod or Switch-Pros. I removed my Trail Toys NSA a few months ago and just have not researched what I wanted to replace it with, so currently the accessory lights are not wired up. You could even do the DIY route with push buttons in the dash/console.

-The front locker was originally plumbed to an ARB single compressor. I removed that compressor and wanted to get an ARB Twin compressor, but did not do so yet. So you can purchase a cheap $100 compressor, or splurge on the twin. I can even work you a good price on a Twin if you want, I am an ARB dealer.

-Since it was an off-roading vehicle, the paint has the typical trail rash. I have considered a few times to do paint correction, but each time I am told Toyotas come with thin clear coat. So I was only ever suggested to do that if it never went off-road again, otherwise the new scratches after paint correction would be too deep. Longer term I thought about line-x / bullet liner, or even wrapping it, so it never really bothered me. I built it to go on the trails, not to be a show car.

-Living in the mid-west means it does have some rust. It had some when I purchased it 5 years ago (as do most cars up here), and I have always tried to maintain it. Each year I tackle a section of it with a wire brush and rattle can finish. Depending on how harsh the winter is, it holds up pretty well. If an aftermarket parts company had crappy powder coat, it showed thru quickly. I never wanted to pay a professional shop a few grand to sandblast and fully de-rust it, just was not worth the money to me since it is an off-roading rig. Heck even one long weekend could get it looking close to brand new again. I just felt in my best interest to mention it and leave it as-is so you do not think I am trying to cover up something by hitting it with paint myself. In addition, I did not want to spend the time painting it again if you were more interested in a shop doing a longer-term fix to it (and they just blast off my hard work). I will just simply let you handle that situation. This is just being honest and a full disclosure of it so you don’t waste your time coming across country to buy and I also do have a brand and name reputation to protect.


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I have since lowered the price to 24,999. Really just looking for a good new home and want some mod money for my other toyotas!

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I've been causally mentioning your truck to my father who's looking for another yota. Little bit high on the $$ for his budget, but intrest on loans are down ;)
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