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Has anyone got issue # 5 of the catalog?

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Has anyone seen or picked up issue # 5 of the FJ catalog yet?
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My local dealer still does not have them.

Has anyone seen or picked up issue # 5 of the FJ catalog yet?
my local dealer has had zero catalogs for a few weeks now.
Is it time for a new issue?
Is it time for a new issue?
Issue #1, (Spring '06) has a date of 04/06 on the back cover, and issue #3, (Spring '07) has a date of 03/07 on it. I figured issue #5 shoud be any time now.
I can ask the boys at Toyota. I haven't heard that it's out yet, though.

Still none in and around central Ohio!:mecry:

I have the first 4 issues so why stop now!:bigthumb:
where do you get these I am new to the game
At your dealership.
If they are in the know, they should have them, or be able to get them.
You can request the current issue by logging on to: Toyota Cars, Trucks, SUVs & Accessories

Click on "Shopping Tools" & "Download Brochure".

Instead of "downloading a brochure" look for the grey box with the option to request a "printed brochure mailed to you".

Choose to either fill out your info online or call the phone number 1-800-G0-TOYOTA (1-800-468-6968).

This is how I acquired issues # 1, 2, 3, & 4.

NOTICE: I do not think that you can order the older brochures this way. They only send out whatever is the most current version.

When I bought my TT SE I had issue # 4 in hand already by requesting a copy online. I asked my salesperson if she had an extra copy of the latest brochure. I showed her the issue # 4 that I had received in the mail. She said that she had not seen that issue yet. She took me to the closet where they keep all of their brochures, and there was a case full of the issue # 4 brochures. Apparently no one had even opened the box yet and looked inside. They were still displaying the old issue # 3 in the sales room floor rack. By the way, she did give me one more copy. I did not want to seem to be too greedy so I only asked for one more issue.

During my research and FJ test drives I went to a dozen Toyota dealerships. I asked for a copy of the FJ brochure at every one of them. None of them gave me a copy of the "official FJ magazine style brochure" except for the dealership that eventually sold me my TT SE. Some said they did not have any FJ literature. The others gave me a generic brochure of the entire line of Toyota vehicles.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I got another copy of the issue # 3 brochure at the State Fair of Texas auto show last October.
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I have two of the 4....but they dont tend to last very long around the dealership. Too bad you cannot buy back issues....
There are many back issues on Ebay...

Also was at a TT event last week and they still were handing out issue #4 as well.
The Trail Teams told me today that it is not out yet and that they are shooting in Moab in the next few weeks.
Eh, not to be Mr. Negative but the last couple of issues didn't seem to have much new stuff in them. The was a lot of duplication from issue to issue. Don't get me wrong, I'll still snag a copy for the collection.

I look forward to the new Overland magazine much more.
I agree with Woodsman but Im gonna get issue 5 as well whenever it shows up. have all of them so far so why stop too?

Issue 5 update: they are shooting the photos next week. Give these around 8 weeks to show up at dealers. :)

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