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Hello from SC

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I am from South Carolina and joined this forum not because I have an FJ but because I'm on a serious hunt for one and need advice and research. I'll check out the for sale section too. My budget is 22k and I'm confident there's one out there with my name on it:) I like the FJ because of its rock solid build quality, reliability, design, and capabilities both on and off road.

Have a great day everyone!!

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So here she is! My new to me FJ! An 08 in great condition, stock, and from the evidence never been off road. I consider myself lucky to find one so clean. It has all the right features like 4x4, rear locker, A-Trac, sub, 110 outlet. The only things I'm not crazy about is a cigarette smell inside that I'm battling to remove (I'm open to suggestions) and the cheap tires(although they have life on them still for a while) my first goals are a trailer hitch so I can use a hitch mounted bike rack and a 3" leveling kit maybe from rough country with the replacement rear springs. My research tasks are determining which trailer hitch to get and if the rough county kit is my best option for a proper stance. Then I need to determine proper tire size. Second priority are some more lights, and maybe an awning.


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