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Hello...I think I just figured out how to post...

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Thought I would update my original posting - it's been way too long.
I will update pictures when I have new ones.

I've been an FJ Owner since I had my first accident ever. Got lucky, and no one else was involved or hurt - and I got my FJ!. It was sad, but friends and family were glad to see Old Blue put to rest ('86 long bed Toyota pickup, 186,0000 miles). Something about 'negative impact', and 'property values' whenever I parked in front of their home...?
Been looking around the forum since then, and I'm VERY grateful to everyone who uses it - talk about information being power... WOW!!!
Got my FJ the day after my accident, and I've been having fun since. I was content for about 2 months, and then I stepped on my back bumper and almost had it fall off (weight limit 150 lbs). That started the following maddness:

Current stuff:
ARB Front bumper/bull bar with IPF fog lights (with Toyota factory light switch)
ARB roof rack with mesh floor (PITA to install, but worth it)
Michelin® LTX® A/T2, 33"; stock TRD black wheels with centers removed
Second factory horn
IPF fog lights on top of bumper
Man-A-Fre ARB bumper adapter skid plate
Man-A-Fre Full Skid plates, black powder coat to match ARB stuff
ARB Rear Bumper
ARB Rear tow hitch
IPF trailer light on rear bumpber
ARB Rock slide rails with skid plates
OME heavies in the front, mediums in the rear (had to use the trim packer on driver side)
Front upper control arm upgrades (ICON)
Rear upper and lower control arm upgrades (Man-A-Fre)
Rear differential bolt on guard (Boztec)
Man-A-Fre rear shock end protectors
Man-A-Fre lower control arm protectors
QMark Air compressor (the "dually" from Costco)
Hi-Lift jack
Rear tow hitch step/Hi-Lift mount/keep off my back door thingeee - kind of a bumper for my bumper, comes right off
Back up camera ($70) from Costco tapped into reverse lights
Dynamatt on the roof (had to drop head liner to replace mounting clips for ARB roof rack - long story...)
Relocated breathers on rear diff, front transfer case to engine compartment in front, and to rear jack compartment in back
WARN 9.5XP winch
Optima blue-top marine grade battery with auxiliary posts, made for continuous normal use, or deep cycle operation
(work-around for the 2nd battery set up)
Recovery gear bag, ARB with snatch straps, tow straps, etc.

Cool stuff I like from the factory:
Fact that headliner is a NXT speaker - I think???
White color - wish I could have gotten rid of factory rock rials, roof rack, etc. as I am replaced them all anyway...
ABS brake system and air bags
Air conditioner in Richmond, Virginia - finally!
Working defrost mode
Cup holders - first ever!!!

Thanks again for having and maintaining this forum.


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Wow, you've got the modification fever alright.

Welcome to the forum!
nice rig you've got're off to a great start with the mods!
great looking rig! Welcome to the madness! (but you already know about that :D)
Thank you for the kind welcome, guys; I get the feeling this forum is going to be just as addictive as the FJ itself. Really looking forward to it.
Nice FJ, wlecome~!!!!!!:wave::cheers:
Welcome... you have a great start on making the rig your very own.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome aboard!

Great looking FJ!


Howdy, congrats, and welcome to the forums! :wave:
Hey guys - just got new pics for the FJ with the ARB rack; will post soon...
Very nice. Looks like you need a build thread!
thanks! really appreciate it. is that you on the beach with doing the towing?! i've been looking at that pic on the forum for a while now - and it looks like you're having a blast!
You definitely did not waste anytime. Congrats and welcome to the forum!
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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