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FJ Forum team first off my sincere apologies for posting an off topic thread in the Utah section but my fiance and are in desperate need of help.

I've only meet a few of you(its been a few years) at meetups and on a pony express trip to Wendover(that was fun) , want to do more but the FJ is our only car right now and we can't afford any big repair bills until we get this house built.

My fiance and I desperately need to find a foundation team that can start pouring cement in the next 3 weeks, our foundation team fell through and not were under the gun to try and get someone to pour concrete before it gets too cold. Were building at 7300ft in Big Cottonwood Canyon just south of Salt Lake City.

We are not rich people(hate that phrase) building a weekend ski cabin, this is our forever dream home(and Airbnb) fiance is a waitress\bartender and I fix peoples broken email and spreadsheets. We've sunk our entire life savings and everything we have into this project. We are currently living with friends near the base of the canyon but were under the gun because they plan to sell their house in spring\summer and our 9 month construction loan will expire if we have any delays what so ever.

My excavator is doing an awesome job, the entire project has been professional engineered and the site will be marked for foundation\excavation by the same engineering company that did all my civil and structural engineering.

By this Friday my plot will be a perfect blank slate and ready to for final build survey and to start digging next week and ready for concrete around Sept 11th.

I'm happy to email my plans and photo of the lot for anyone to review before they make a commitment, this is a fairly complex foundation design and paid out through a construction loan so I need a licensed and experienced crew.

Please help if you can and I'll do whatever it takes to make it worth you while, free stay at our Airbnb(Big Cottonwood), free lift tickets, food, home brewed beer, computer work, guide service ANYTHING I can do I will try and do.

Thanks and again my apologies for the off topic post in the Utah section
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