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I posted this in the Midwest section and am reposting here so we can get more visibility and YOUR HELP.
I had a great time in Mountain Wisconsin wheeling at the Pipeline and surrounding trails. I know a bunch of us have had our FJC's up their in the past and had great times. I thought many of you would want to know that we are facing more potential trail closings.
Some of the Chicago Land Rover Club met with a representative of WOHVA who explained the difficulties they are encountering with the closure last year of McCaslin Mountain to off road vehicles and the possibility of the closing of Pipeline.
I have taken the liberty to cut and paste a post from the Chicago Land Rover Club (posted by Bishop).
Please take the time to sign the online petition. The more signatures the better! Please take a few minutes to help.

John from WOHVA (Wisconsin Off Highway Vehicle Association) came and spoke with some of us who went up north this weekend.

In addition to giving us literature on future events/meetings and updated trail use maps, we also spoke about the future of the pipeline area and OHV use.

He will be keeping us updated but after the area re-opens after spring thaw (tentatively set at June 1st), there will be a number of areas that are in use but not on the map which we will no longer have access to as OHV. This is due to erosion concerns (washes) and re-newed call for enforcement of anti-trespassing laws on private property.

The latter being of more concern as you can find yourself onto private property and subject to arrest and $380 fine if you do not follow the OHV use map provided by state / Forest Service. Wisconsin law does not require the property owner to post signage indicating it is private property and there are areas which we used just this weekend (granite dome) which we found out is indeed private. We are told that the owners of that particular property will be strictly enforcing tresspass laws this spring/summer as they lost 10 of 40 wooded acres due to negligent campfire practices on their land last year.

This brings us to a couple of points:

1) WOHVA is lobbying for a sticker program to help sustain trails and to ensure there is funding available for all things related to OHV use in Wisconsin. It is a simple electronic form and olny takes a second to complete, please do so. 4WD & OHM Sticker Program

2) Ensure we all practice Tread Lightly principals to ensure that our impact on the trails is as minimal as possible. It'll make it harder for opponents of OHV trail use to state their case if there is no apparent damage to the trail system and areas around it.

3) Stay on the map if there are restrictions in that area. Remember that the Forestry Service manages the forest even on private property so although there may be FS signs, it does not mean that you can be there. Here's link to OHV maps for Nicolet area. Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest- Home

4) Lastly: If you enjoy going off highway and want to keep the right to do so, stay personally involved. While clubs and organizations are a good way to disseminate information, it is ultimately up to the individual to stand up and have their voice heard. We need to support those working to secure our Rights of Access to these trails not only in Wisconsin but nationally as well. Join BRC, Tread Lightly, WHOVA, etc. Be a good ambassador for our hobby, invite people who have never been out to ride along on the trail with you. Have your friends & family sign the online petitions. The more people see that we are responsible and that we're not out there destroying the wilderness, the less likely it we will see trail closings.

Please help and sign the online petition. Thanks.
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