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Help me upgrade my FJ from stock

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Hey all, I've been loving my Stock FJ for almost 2 years now. It's got the running boards and roof rack but I'm thinking about putting some more into it. My main use is lugging 4-8 dogs to the river which does not require any uber off roading. So I guess I'm going for a better look....

I'd like to hear some suggestions on whats a good starting point. I was thinking about lights up top or maybe better tires (without raising) but not sure of brands/models. any input and pics would be appreciated.


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Tires can change the look pretty dramatically as does the blacking out of the silver portions of the truck. What color is yours?

I am running the stock air dam and lights and also traded out my stock rubber with BFG A/T's. Big improvement in the looks department imo, and the tires are the bare minimum for off-roading and still have great on road manners and longevity.

Just take a look at the top of the page and that's exactly what my FJ looks like.

And just remember; The meek shall inherit the earth....:rocker:
I'm mostly in a Stock FJ right now so far except for my tires and some other stuff.

For my Tires: Nitto Terra Grapplers are probably the better ones to get if you aren't going to raise your FJ. They look nice, they have good endurance, and you can still go off roading in them for they were made for that. They are not loud on the pavement either.

As for everything else:

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Model 4704C
Upgrade Package 1 <ATRAC/Rear Locker>
CQ and C7 Convenience Packages
Curtain Shield Airbags
OEM Subwoofer

Build Date: May 2006
Purchase Date: June 2006

Self Upgraded:
Blacked out Bezel,Mirrors,Handles
NITTO Terra Grappler Wheels
OEM TT Rock Rails (Purchased Used)
OEM Roof Rack (Purdhased Used)
Cobra Handheld CB Radio/ Bandi Mount
Antenna – 4' and 3’ Firestick/CB
Springtail M-PAC rack and MOLLE gear
Springtail M-PAC Side Rack
Rear Door Cargo Net
American Titan HID Lights
2 x Oznium Flexible Super Thin (red) LED Dome Lights
Fire Extinguisher w/ mount
Fuel Can Option: 2 x Wedco 5.3 gal. Jerry Cans (gas)
Fourtreks HiLift Jack roof rack Mount
Fourtrecks Dual Tools roof rack Mount (Shovel/ Axe Mount)
Hi-Lift Jack
Smoke Grenades (pyro- red, Violet and green)
Star Clusters/ Parachute Flares
Chemlights (red orange and blue)
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Get a 3 inch lift and upgrade your tires (either Nitto Terra Grapplers or BFG A/Ts). That will change your look drastically.
Dang......hope those 8 dogs aren't Mastiffs!!!

We have hauled multi Mastiffs (I think 3 once) in an old beater Bavaria BMW in the lots of strange looks
Some new BFG A/Ts and maybe some new wheels will do the trick.:bigthumb: Possibly a light bar up top or some driving lights on the bumper.:cheers:
Not sure how far you want to go, but you can probably get an Old Man EMU lift, some new tires, and wheels for around $3K all in. I am looking at Mickey Thompson Classic Locks ($175/wheel), and some Cooper SST tires.

I am leaning towards the All-Pro Fox Suspension Lift which is a lot more $$ than Old Man EMU but worth it I think. I was going to leave the bumper's stock until I really started looking at them....they truly are a POS but not really budgeted for a $10K mod this summer.
Stickers. Lots and lots of stickers.
Considering the number of dogs that you are dealing with, and the fact that you take them to the river.... I would get a set of Wet Okole Seat Covers. I have them and they are awesome for dog owners. So much easier to clean than the stock fabric. They are made out of diving suit material (neoprene) and come in a ton of color options and styles.

Lights are always a nice aesthetic addition. The black out of silver trim looks great. You could dress up the interior with billet accessories. Thats all I can think of at the moment.
A custom chew toy holder.
Dog treat dispenser.
Custom poop scooper mounted on the roof.
Oh and stickers. Lots and lots of stickers
You can get ToyTec OME suspension lift without new shocks for less than $400......if you shop around you can get Nitto Terra Grapplers for around $800 for 5each.....rocksliders for about $400 or less......WetOkole SeatCovers front and back for $600....then throw in either a budbuilt, rasta or one of the new hvyduty plastic skid plates from CaptRick......and you are set for all but the most serious offroading.

Later you can do front and rear bumpers and winch once you decide what style you like and how much you want to spend....then look at rear diff armor, lower trailing arms and armor, new front UCAs, CAI with snorkel, Magnaflow cat back exhaust with high clearance tail pipe mounting, synthetic fluids in all areas.......
Thanks for the replies so far! I laughed my ass off at cashnutz's reply.

I don't want to get a lift as some of the older/smaller dogs have trouble jumping in already but I really would like new tires. So thanks for the advice on the BFG/ATs and Nitto Terra grapplers. I'll check those out.

Toledo FJ thanks for the seat cover idea. Although the dogs aren't allowed up front inevitably the hair makes its way up. Plus there are always one or 2 dogs that wait to shake off in the car.

I would like to toss some lights up top. I'll have to check out some of those options.

ps-Rabidpooch, it depends on what day it is but I have a variety of dogs including bullmastiffs, a couple of 100+yellow labs, wiemeraners, huskies, malamutes, vizslas, a few ole' hound dog mixs... the list goes on. 8 is the max but i don't recommend it for non-professional animal behaviorists :rawr:

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Have you considered blacking out all of the silver parts?
.... I would get a set of Wet Okole Seat Covers. I have them and they are awesome for dog owners. So much easier to clean than the stock fabric.
out of curiosity does the dog hair vacuum off these covers easier as well?


Have you considered blacking out all of the silver parts?
After seeing yours I'm off to the hardware store to get some grit paper and rustoleum. thanks for that thread. incredible job on your FJ.
Does anybody know the cost for parts & labor to do the three inch lifts in the rear?
I paid $300 for the install on my front and rear 3" lift.
Kim and someone else mentioned about blacking out the silver, so is that on the bumpers (I haven't bought my FJ yet, I am buying one this week).

Also,what is the stuff you use to blacken out (and the silver parts were mentioned), what parts are those (since I don't have one, I dont' know).

LOL, is this a no flame thread:lol:
go up a few replies to WEGOEASY s comment. He has a link to all that info including pictures of what he blacked out, what he used and how he used it.

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