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I'm looking for help from our Canadian friends for Mike (Tibaal89). He is in Montana right now on his way to Winnipeg, where he will be flying out for a week to spend some time with his dad before returning to continue on with his Continental Divide expedition!

As you can imagine he has a lot of gear on and in his truck that he would rather not leave it parked at the airport for a week. I've been sending out messages to Toyota dealerships hoping someone might think it would be interesting to display his truck in all its glory in one of their showrooms, but I haven't heard anything back yet.

Mike will be arriving in Winnipeg (hopefully) tomorrow, however he will not be flying out until the 29th. He will need somewhere to park his truck from midday the 29th to midday on the 4th. If any Expo members in the area know of a secure and free/cheap place to store this, or would be willing to park it at their house please let me know!

Or if anyone would like to meet up with Mike while he is there I'm sure he'd be more than happy to stop in and say hi! Oh and he has Guinness as well! :cheers:
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