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Joel - my original clamp fits fine with a little extra room on the Red Top. Must have been a few batches later?

Hey Jeff,
Sorry to hear about your battery troubles.

If you have the 50mm wide, very first thing I ever designed and manufactured clamp, it will not fit the Red Top. It's a perfect fit for the Panasonic, but may not fit many other batteries.

The 07-09 Universal clamps will fit the 07-09 Panasonic, Optima, and several other types of batteries.

The new universal will fit all FJ stock Toyota batteries (07-12 Panasonics), Optimas, and many other batteries. I have seen an Ellis Precision Universal clamp installed on a DieHard as well.

The biggest issue is the notch on the bottom of the clamp. The Panasonics we had in 06/07 were exactly 170mm wide, and the clamp has a 170mm notch. It seems most other batteries are 6 and 3/4 inches across the top, which translates to 171.45mm. Too big for the original Ellis Precision clamp. The new clamp designs are machined to 173mm, to provide a bit of clearance for any injection molding discrepancies.

Let me know what battery you go with. My FJ is getting harder and harder to start now as well (06 build).

41 - 42 of 42 Posts