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Hoping to be an FJ owner soon, pandemic is somewhat limiting my options, but there is a 2014 VXR nearby with ~150k km (93k miles) on it. I am a little worried about buying this car, would probably have it inspected by a garage, but was hoping for some input from the experts here before spending money on an inspection. I don't know much about cars, so all advice welcome.

Pictures of the underside of the car:
Current owner is not first owner, has hardly put any miles on it, selling because of pandemic. He has owned the car for less than a year, and he bought it himself planning to eventually modify it for offroading - which is exactly what I plan to do. He has not made any offroad mods to it though.

The previous owner lowered the front suspension, cutting the springs shorter (who the hell does that?). Maybe he wanted a "street racer" SUV, if so then I would assume he had a supercharger on it as well.
The current owner has replaced the springs both front and rear, so it's no longer lowered, but it seems the lowering of the front has had some side effects. The factory skid plate is missing, and the part underneath that seems to be partially held in place with 2 cable ties as can be seen in pictures. I'm guessing this is simply from driving over speedbumps while the front was lowered.

According to current owner, car is in perfect mechanical condition and all service has been done on time. I plugged in my OBDLink MX+ and diagnostics showed all good.

I live in the UAE so you can't compare this to used car prices in other countries, but asking price was around 18K USD, after som negotiation we are at 16k USD.
  • Do I risk major issues later because of the whole lowered front / damaged underside deal?
  • Is there some way to tell if a supercharger has been mounted?
  • Does any of the rust seem like cause for concern?

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My advice always is go with your gut feeling and that is not to buy it or you wouldn’t be asking us here.
The rust doesn’t look bad but I would run from a vehicle where someone has cut the front springs as you don’t know what else they’ve altered and how well it has been done. There are good Genuine vehicles out there bide your time.
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