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I’m hoping to get some advice on how to proceed on some recurring engine light issues with my 2007 fj.
The first time I got an engine light it happened after I added gas and began to accelerate onto the highway. I tried tightening the gas cap but the light did not go away.
I bought a new gas cap and to my surprise the light turned off.
About a month later the car had sat for about 5 days and when I started the fj the engine light came on. It stayed on throughout day but when I drove home I noticed the light turned off again.
Just yesterday I was again n accelerating onto the highway and again the light came on.
This time I bought a odb2 connector for my phone and read the following codes.
P0606 & P0430
P0430 says it’s a catalytic issue. P0606 says it’s a ECM issue.
I can’t help but think that one is causing the code for the other so I can’t quite trust the codes at face value.
I’m hoping for some feedback on how to approach fixing this without throwing all of my cash at it.
My thoughts are to start with the fuel and oxygen sensors and replace them first. My thought is that if they aren’t detecting properly maybe they’ll cause the catalytic issue. Which in term tells the ecm something is wrong.
Secondly I only have 144000 KM on it so I think a catalytic converter would last somewhat longer before needing replacement.
Or am I completely off base. Should I have the ECM reflashed? Replaced?
Any feed back will be greatly appreciated.
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