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So here it is. I've had it since friday and I love it! I bought it off the lot in Durham, NC. It has the roof rack, reese hitch (i tried to get them to swap it out for the toyota one), and floor mats. It was a no haggle dealership and I was out the door for about 34,000 which included all of my scheduled maintenance to 60,000 miles and a lifetime warranty on the power train. Now I want to do a few things to it to try to get some more horsepower out of it. I'm not sure exactly what to do and what other people have had success with so I would appreciate your recommendations. The only catch is I have to use toyota parts so I don't void out my warranty.
Also, on the steel wheels, what's the story with the missing rear dust cap? When I bought it they said they would get the caps for me, but when we went to the parts department, the parts manager pulled it up on the computer and it said there wasn't an actual cap for the rear wheels. He showed it to me and it looked legitimate. They also checked another FJ on the lot and and they had just painted theirs black. Anyway, I'm glad to join the club and this site. Thanks in advance for your input!


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