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Thanks man for the rims and tires, your're right about staying with the black, looks pretty stealth. Do you think dropping the front coilover an inch would be enough? Picks to follow. More treatments starting next week so gotta go get dirty while I can, I'm going out to lucerne desert race on Sat and perhaps Hungry Valley Sunday, any takers?

Frogeye, Thank you thank you Thank you.

I love my FJ:rocker::rocker::rocker:
:cheers: Right on Ryan. It was very nice to meet you sir. I'm glad you like the wheels.

I would take your lift down about an inch lower then the rear height. I'm curious what it measures when you measure it. Let me know. I just added .25 of lift back into the front of mine and I think I've found the sweet spot.:bigthumb:

Post up some photos :blah:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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