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Hi All

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Me and my wife just picked up our new 08 FJC yesterday. We traded in our 05 matrix, which we sort of needed to since both me and my wife are over 6 feet tall. So far we are loving it. I have been reading a lot of the threads here for the last month or so getting all the info I could before we made our final decision, and I can't really imagine us regretting it either.
So ya, just like to say Hi to you all and if there's any other tips and pointers, please speak your mind.

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Welcome to the forum and enjoy the ride!:wave:
Hey glad to have you join us.......What's your first mod going to be??? You know you wanna!!!!
Congrats on the FJ and welcome to the Forum. :wave:
Congrats and welcome to the forum! Great folks, info and fun!!!


Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard!!!:cheers::wave:
Congrats, and welcome aboard.
Welcome. :wave:
Hope that you enjoy your FJ as much as I do mine.
Congrats and welcome
Welcome to the forum :). Hit the trails and you'll love the FJ even more.
Hi, welcome to the forum! I used to be over six feet tall as well. :)
Welcome to the forums! Great bunch of people and lots of knowledge here! :wave:
Welcome and enjoy your new cruiser!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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