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Are they still called Scott Toyota and they're somewhere on McDowell Road?? (If so, I bought my first Land Cruiser from them back in 1967.)

Anyway, good advice the others gave on nerf bars vs. rock rails/sliders.
No, I went to the closest one to me - Right Toyota, which is on Frank Lloyd Wright just east of Scottsdale Road. I think Scott Toyota is still there though, and yes, it's on McDowell & 68th Street. I did most of the negotiating over the internet with the Fleet Mgr., so I didn't have to drive from dealership to dealership all day negotiating.

No nerf bars for me. :) I also noticed in all the ones I've seen driving around (now that I have one I see them everywhere it seems), mine is in the minority because it doesn't have a roof rack. I chose to get one without it, and I don't think I'll add it.
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