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I think the main thing that people are upset about is the lack of comunication and response to emails. You can be the best fabricator in the world, but if you have poor customer service, then your not going to go very far. I understand that people get behind in there orders, but at the end of the day, you need to sit down, and respond to your emails/pms. At there very least, respond to the ones who have paid in full. Being that thihs thread is ove a year old, i'm sure everything has been worked out by now. :)
i would love to have this high lift jack mount on my rig. Maybe one day soon we'll see this product mass produced.

Understand. I get antsy too but do everything I can to rein in the angst and let the manufacturer do his thing. I've been burned before with this approach but have also benefitted immensely from a virtue I simply have to work very hard at: Patience. I truly understand these gents. I guess my reply was also in response to several different threads where I've recently seen small manufacturers trashed for not being punctual on their orders. No sweat man.

I also love that hilift mount. Just bought a welder so I can start to build some of my own stuff.


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