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Hockey Night in Canada

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Rumor has it CBC is dropping the iconing "Hockey Night in Canada" theme song.

This is just wrong.

Anyone else hear about this?
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Haven't heard of this til now. I call BS! Thats THE song. Can't change it now or they will have a ton of confused people changing channels for 3 hours looking for Don and Grapes!
Anyone else hear about this?
I heard it today on the CBC news. It has something to do with the rights to the song. I'm not sure if CBC's rights have expired and have to renegotiated or not.
CBC pays $500 everytime the song is played. They have renewed the rights to the song every year with Dolores Claman, but they decided not to renew the rights to the song this year - so no more Hockey Night in Canada thing. Maybe the CBC will outlaw Christmas next because it too is a tradition, and has been around for years.....very dumb idea CBC....
This is just wrong!!!!!
They have started a group on FaceBook to save the song.
they say its because they want to go in a new direction but i think its more to due with a lawsuit filled by the owner of that songs rights also they were seeking exactly the same amount as the previous contract cbc is acting real stupid

either way i call foul that song has so many memories for me !
It's wrong, wrong, wrong!
Yeah I heard this yesterday too. If they drop the song it will be a BIG mistake, it's a Canadian icon and a Saturday night tradition. But wasn't there a rumor a few years ago that they were going to drop Grapes?? Hopefully, they get their sh*t together!
I walked down the ile at my wedding to this song and think this is unacceptable.
Don't mess with a man's wife,
Don't mess with a man's car,
Don't mess with a man's favorite TV show theme song!
Yes, heard that today. That's just WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!:flame::flame::flame::flame:
This is such BS :flame:. It's like the time a few years back that Ron Maclean was going to leave. The public backlash fixed that quick and I think it'll be the same thing with this.
Its official now! They are dropping the familiar song. CBC is now going to have a contest for a new song. So here is your chance to show off your musical ability.....
Couldnt find the facebook group.
The facebook group is under Sports & Recreation - Professional Sports. Its called Save the Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song!!!! Yesterday there were 343 members today there are over 1400 signed up. Join now to save a part of our national identity.

Not sure if that link will work.
Check it out - CTV snagged the HNIC theme song.

CTV saves 'The Hockey Theme' song
Nice to see someone stepped in.
Nice to see someone stepped in.
It's still wrong tho, that song belongs on the CBC not Canada's version of ESPN :mecry:
It will be weird without Maclean and Cherry.
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