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Landcruiser 200, D4D V8, 33" MT, triple locked...
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This is my hot shower setup since 10 years, by using a heat exchanger to get hot water when the engine is running.

Here I did start to collect solutions and components for a hot shower by gas, diesel, 12v, 110v/220v and solar at this link:

US Market:
Hot water and shower solutions for vanlife, overlanding and outdoor.

European Market (german):
Heisse Aussendusche - Lösungsansätze für Vanlife und Overlanding

For portable shower solutions the us market delivers more stuff, for components for DIY Shower Projects, Water Boilers (geyser) - the european market delivers more, therefore both are listened.

Funny to try too get an overview over the international market. Like at example the Ironman 4×4 Eco Pressure Shower from south africa is sold a DrPrepare at the US market.

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