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How many miles can I expect from my FJ?

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So I just bought a 2008 fj with 93,000 miles. Realistically, how long before I start having to replace stuff? What's the most miles you've heard of on an fj?
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I bought mine with 91K on it and it looks brand new. If it wasn't for the odometer, you'd never know it had that many miles. I had a 4Runner before that and it didn't look nearly as nice at similar mileage.
Guess you did not treat your prior 4Runner as well as the prior owner of your FJ did. Probably a lesson there as it is not a 4Runner issue. We are on our 3rd 4Runner and they all have aged gracefully as they were properly maintained.
Absolutely not an 4Runner issue. I had my 4Runner for almost 15 years and it was a beast. The only issue I ever had with it was when a service station failed to tighten the lug nuts and the wheel almost came off when I was driving up 95N at 80 mpg. They later told me that they didn't realize their "compressor was broken". Almost cost me my life. After this, it never drove right. I had it balanced numerous times after this at several different service centers and we could never fix the issue. But this had zero to do with the vehicle. Like I said, it was a beast. Cosmetically, it took a hit when we added an addition on our house. Lots of wear and tear. But overall, it was a great car. Couldn't ask for anything more.
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