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Hey everyone, here we are ten years from the first FJC's rolling out of dealership parking lots. I thought it would be cool to get a running count of how many miles people have on their FJC's. Let's see who reports the highest mileage! Who has the lowest on the oldest?

Along with your current mileage, include info about the health of your FJC. Have you done all of the recommended maintenance according to the schedule? Did you run into any unanticipated large ticket items? Are you clocked at high mileage and can't believe you are still using some factory part (be it the alternator, brakes, tail light bulbs, etc!)?

I personally am clocked just over 131,xxx on my 2007. I bought her two years ago with 106K. It needed brakes at that point, but had a new set of Toyo A/T II's, which I just swapped to Hankook Dynapro MT's, mainly because of performance concerns, not wear issues.

I flushed the trans. and had the fuel injectors cleaned last year when I did a full tune-up. Going to have the coolant flushed this spring. No rust/rot/decay aside from the expected Northeast road-salt surface frame rust, which I will knock off and POR paint this springs. Looks like all the factory electrical system components are running strong under the hood, and the suspension still feels great. I may add leveling struts to the front to gain that extra bit of ground clearance, though I recognize that they have the rake so it will sit level while under expedition-load in the back.

Here is a picture from yesterday, showing off her new boots. I plastidipped the mirrors, changed the grille from white to black, and used "Night Shades" lens cover paint to blacken the turns and tails.

I hope I have not started a thread that already exists, but I could not find it. SO... post your mileage!
98,400 2011 AG
821 - 840 of 870 Posts