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I am stuck between a decision... the fj or tundra. The tundra will have all the room I need... but more expensive and a little thirstier. The fj would be one cool ride... less expensive and better gas mileage. My dilemna is that I like to saltwater fish and sometimes bring 3 people with me. These people aren't feather weights. The typical trip is 2 hours one way. My boat is no more than 4500 pound loaded down. So, I am thinking the fj will do the job. What do you'll think? It is my vehicle! Should I care about the rear seat comfort? They will suck it up... they want to go fishing pretty bad.
How often will you be towing your boat? Fully loaded at 4,500 lbs, it's weighing in at 90% of the FJ's rated towing capacity. If you're towing it often, with buddies, the Tundra might make more sense all the way around. Less strain on your vehicle and your buds, but more strain on your wallet...decisions, decisions... :)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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