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Utah has a State holiday on the 24th (this year observed the 25th) so we had a three day weekend. I rolled up my sleeves and loved up my FJ all weekend.

Changed spark plugs.
Changed Oil
Changed Rear Diff oil.
Painted Rear wings (been on the list for 3 years now)
Wired the extra horns I installed over a year ago.
Stripped Demello sliders and put a coat of Por-15 on
Stripped Manik tail light guards and put a coat of Por-15 on
Replaced cabin air filter
Cleaned K&N Engine air filter

Still got a couple of odds and ends to do next weekend but I'm happy and the Trail Bomber is feeling fresh again. I keep telling myself that it was just as good as the summit... don't rain on my parade.:)

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:wave: Brett, missed not seeing you at the summit this year but I know you had a good reason for not making it, theres always next year! If you can't make the summit, pulling maintenance on the FJ is probably the next best thing to do. :cheers:
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