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From Pirate 4X4. This is from Kurt Schnieder, with Friends of Eldorado. He know's his stuff and provided this for Tellico. I think it applies everywhere!

When the Forest Service receives comments, there are three categories: (1) non-issue, (2) significant issue, and (3) non-significant issue.

Here is an example of how this works:

(1) Writing a commnet saying "The closures in Tellico are BS and I disagree with them". (This would be classified as a non-issue - it is a general statement and is not a specific comment related to the proposal and its effects)

If you just say that you disagree with the closures and that it is BS, it is a NON-ISSUE in the eyes of the FS. It's read, but tossed aside.

(2) The specific BRC proposal sent in during the scoping period (This was classified as a significant issue - specific comments regarding the proposal, specific disagreements with the proposal, not yet decided by law, regulation, or policy, etc.)

If you give arguments and reasons as to why Tellico should remain open, attack the wording, the research, the assumptions, etc. in the scoping letter, it is a SIGNIFICANT and SUBSTANTIVE comment. THIS IS THE TYPE OF COMMENT YOU WANT!!!

(3) I support the BRC and/or SFWDA stance and would like you to keep it an option (This would be classified as non-significant - general support for another comment already provided - as mentioned many times, the Forest Service does not count votes)

If all you do is say you support an organization and it's stance and comments, your comment will be listed as a "non-significant" letter

Please note, the term "non-significant" does not mean that the comment is simply thrown out and disregarded. It is a bureaucratic term. The Forest Service MUST read, review, and consider all comments.

Form letters are usually listed as "non-significant" That's why BRC gives you the option to add your own stuff in that box along with the other wording.

Your letters CAN make a difference. Just one letter from a person here on Pirate literally saved 300 miles of routes in Eldorado National forest.

Please also keep in mind that in the NEPA process, this is the very first step. We will have to submit even MORE comments during another public comment period, but bring every argument you can to the table right now during the scoping period.

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Thank you

The new law here in Colorado was put forth quietly, I think, will deem unmarked roads closed to OHV use, regardless of their traditional use as trails. Time to get the signs up.
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