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Howto Use off-Road Switch & Harness for 24 AMP LED BAR

Off-Road LED Light Switch and Harness for RC 50" Light Bar Plug & Play

I have the Rough Country 50” LED light Bar and wire harness installed and the OEM Off-Road light switch installed. I don't want to use the pre-wired harness in the A Pillar because it is rated for 15 amps not the 24 amp 288 watt RC 50” LED Bar and its harness uses a 30 amp breaker so I've connected it to the battery terminals.

I was thinking I could hack the electrical box or the OEM relay to power the provided RC LED switch harness that is in the engine compartment, I cant figure out how to tap into the fuse box or OEM relay to control RC's Relay from the off-road switch in the cab console.

I've decided to tap the RC switch harness blue wire into the a-pillar harness's green wire then punch a single wire through fire wall in the one available grommet access point.

Done! The Off-Road switch and RC harness was practically Plug and Play.
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