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Hey, Gang! I am ready to order my OME lift from ToyTec, but I want to do it myself. (There has been plenty of upside down lower spring cups to get me to do it!) So...thanks to NCFJ, I started searching for spring compressors and ran across this beauty at Harbor Freight.

Two tons of force makes it easy to compress and remove springs for strut repair. For use with 4'' to 10'' springs.
Strut shaft clasp adjusts and will secure the strut during operation
Rotatable angle spring clasp bracket fits most autos and trucks
Spring clasp holder extends and includes linear adjustments
Ram bracket slides providing multiple height adjustments
Max capacity: 2 tons
Extended height: 29-1/2''
Foot operated with quick release
Jack lift: 12-3/4''
Working height: 14''
14-1/4'' square base with mounting holes
Weight: 80 lbs.

ITEM 45860-0VGA


Yeah, It's $130. But with a bunch of FJ's here in Utah, it might be well worth the investment! Thoughts? Ideas?



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thats alot of money, why dont you rent

i spent $30 on some cheapy ones adn i never really use them. i work on cars alot too. that set up is more for a shop. some companies sell assembled front ome shocks. Alot of fj'ers are getting complete adjustable front coilovers. And remeber you dont even need it for the rear.

put the money into better complete suspension or rent or buy a cheaper spring compressor.
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