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This was the last wheeling at RRR. I was a very cool little place thathad a little bit of everything. Sometimes really technical obstacles. It was always better during the dryer months. Clay hills are almost impossible to climb.

Hopefully this video will play. I used to go there ALL the time. I lived close to it. And friends would call me up to meet me thre i 15 minutes. I even went there just to let me dog do here thing.

It is now some special school or something. Boo Hiss! LOL Oh well I had lot's of fun there for many, many years. And Many of my friends also had some fun there.

Even if the video (it is a FB video) only shows only a link, check it out. Yes I still have the FJC, it is my wife's daily driver, and I picked up a 2012 4x4 TRD OffRoad. I drove the FJC for some miles just a couple of days ago, and it is a lot more fun and capable vehicle IMHO.So I still dream of my FJC.
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