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The problem with USA diesels, I have one, for 20 years in fact. Recently the mileage dropped from my 20 year average of 16.5 to 15. The ultra-low sulphur fuel change did it. It's now even stricter than EU where the regs have been tough for some time. The EPA deemed the new regulations necessary, the USA had to lead the world, so now we have near impossible diesel regs for light vehicles. You have to use piss, urea, to even get in the game with qualifying -- That's what Mercedes does.

Not only is the crappy fuel a part of the problem, but the strict emmisions is also one of the culpruts of diesels not getting the mileage they used too. Like you said, vehicles under the 8500 GVW have it even tighter.

I have no doubt that tyota could realse a diesel (or any manufactuer for that matter) that can meet the new strict diesel regulations. Its getting a diesel with decent power, and still getting the MPG rating that diesels are known for. Fords going though this right now with there 6.4 diesel. Good emissions, power for towing, but HORRIBLE gass mileage. most people average 10 to 12 unloaded. While i don't believe the FJ would be that bad, i doubt it would get the mileage most people would expect from a diesel.

My car's mileage also went down by 6% average because they now use that crap E10 mix around here. Meanwhile the fuel prices continue to go up, as the supply is restricted by inaction. Democrats in Congress have constricted fuel supply for 30 years, it's all come together in 2008. Now I can't afford to go to work, much less eat. It's getting tough -- So no new FJ for me, sigh.
ever time iturn on the TV there talking about drilling off the coast of Califorina, and all the "Profesional analist" say that it will have no affect on gas prices, and if it did it wouldn't be intill 10 years. While i agree that it wouldn't take no immiatate affect, i think back to when Bill Clinton wanted to drill. If we had done it then, were would be now?

I hate to mention one more issue, since I've owned TDIs for years. Even with a 6 or 8 mpg boost the regular engine is going to be cheaper to operate that the diesel. The U.S. doesn't refine enough of it. It's already at least a dollar per gallon more than supreme. With more and more diesels being released the cost is only going to go up. There isn't much hope of new production as the demand for regular gas isn't going down and the greens won't let us build more facilities to make more. For this reason I won't be getting a new TDI from VW when it's released. I sold my old one last year as it was cheaper to run a PT Cruiser for work.

Hey moab rat, i'm curious how much was the mantanice on your TDI? Oil changes, fuel/air filters and such. Kinda curious how much oil that thing takes.
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